Tribit Movebuds H1: My Near Earbuds For Mountain Biking & Trail Running.

Corey Philip // 21 May 2024

When it comes to outdoor activities like running and mountain biking, having the right audio companion is essential. The Tribit Movebuds H1 earbuds have gained popularity among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the key features and performance of the Movebuds H1 while incorporating valuable insights from personal use during trail running and mountain biking adventures.

The Big Thing I Look For In Active Sport Earbuds…

is an over ear design. This is important because the over ear design holds it in place if you ever hit the ground. If you’ve crashed or fallen with just traditional earbuds in place, you know what I’m talking about. The earbuds fall out and then you’re left searching for and earbud in the brush… most of the time it’s lost.

Quick Points

  • They last 15 hours and the case adds an additional 50 hours
  • They sound great.
  • They can be powered off without the case (Which saves money)
  • Best I’ve tried at the sub $200 price point with over ear design.

Comfort and Fit

Having personally tested the Tribit Movebuds H1 during numerous trail runs and mountain biking excursions, I can attest to their comfortable fit. The lightweight design and over ear ergonomic shape ensure a secure fit that stays in place, even during intense movements. The earbuds come with different-sized ear tips and wings, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences and ensure maximum comfort during extended periods of activity.

After wearing them for a couple hours at a time, whether on the mountain or just sitting in the air port, I don’t notice them or feel any discomfort in the ears.

Sound Quality

The Movebuds H1 deliver impressive sound quality that surpasses expectations. From thumping bass to clear vocals and well-balanced highs, the audio experience is immersive and engaging. During my runs and rides, I appreciated the dynamic sound that motivated me to push further while still maintaining clarity in various music genres. I’ll further mention, the earbuds don’t entirely seal your ears off from outside noise, but the audio still gets to your ear drum crisp and clear.

Durability and Water Resistance

The Movebuds H1’s IPX7 rating provides peace of mind during outdoor adventures. I encountered light rain showers and heavy sweat during intense workouts, and the earbuds have held up flawlessly.

I even decided to take them swimming in a lake while my phone was on the waters and the water-resistant design ensured uninterrupted playback and reliable performance

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life of the Movebuds H1 exceeded my expectations, offering up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. This impressive duration allowed me to enjoy an early morning trail run followed by all day use on the mountain bike without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, the charging case provided an extra 50 hours of battery life, ensuring I never had to worry about recharging during extended outdoor activities.

Transparency Mode

One aspect that stood out during my use of the Movebuds H1 was the transparency mode. While it proved useful at the gym, providing awareness of my surroundings, I found it less effective during running and biking due to wind noise amplification. However, the option to toggle transparency mode via the companion app allowed for convenient control over this feature, making it easy to adapt to different environments.

User-Friendly App and Additional Features

The companion app for the Movebuds H1 added an extra layer of functionality and convenience. With the app installed on my phone, I could effortlessly toggle transparency mode, adjust EQ settings, and receive firmware updates for enhanced performance. The app’s intuitive interface made customization quick and easy, ensuring a tailored audio experience.

Notes On Using the Movebuds H1

  • Download and installed the app as soon as you get it. You’ll need the app to disable transparency mode.
  • Change the button functionality such that 1 tap moves the follow up or down. It’s easy to do. This was far more practical than the default.

Final Words

Based on my personal use, the Tribit Movebuds H1 earbuds prove to be a reliable audio companion for running and mountain biking adventures. Their comfortable fit, impressive sound quality, and battery life contribute to an immersive and enjoyable audio experience. While the transparency mode may not be ideal for fast pace outdoor activities, the user-friendly app provides control and customization options to adapt to various environments. With their extended battery life and durable build, the Movebuds H1 offer the freedom to embrace the outdoors while enjoying your favorite music. Whether you’re running, biking, or pushing yourself at the gym, these earbuds are a worthy investment to elevate your active audio experience.

About the Author

Corey Philip

Mountain biker and trail runner. I work remotely and travel around riding awesome trails 66% of the year. Bike: 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper. Youtube | Strava | Instagram